Didem Doğan

Malba-Beatriz Milhazes at the Latin American Museum of Art

One of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires is Palermo; if you walk from the Japanese Garden toward the Recoleta District on the city’s most sought-after upscale street in October, just as I did, you would pass by chic buildings and make your way through trees that bloom in spring with purple flowers-it is another long, wide and straight street just like others that spin around the city. A short distance before the university buildings, you will see a futuristic, modern building on the left, like a space aircraft perched on its glass door in a rectangular slab of stone. This is the Latin American Museum of Art; I suggest you step inside. Here I chanced upon the colourful paintings of Brazilian painter Beatriz Milhazes that had previously toured New York’s Guggenheim and Sao Paulo’s museum of modern art.