Didem Doğan

The colour of Rome: Air of Rome

Have you ever thought that cities have their own colours? In one of those days I let myself enjoy every single corner of the gorgeous city, passing by the same streets again and again in order not to miss any details. My friend takes me to a piazza, promising me to show something wonderful. We took one of the streets from the Piazza de la Rotonda where Pantheon is located, she said I should look down on the street until she tells me to raise my head. We arrived in a little square, took the few steps off the cathedral, walked a bit to reach the middle point of the entrance, with our backs to the cathedral’s door, facing the square, and when I raised my head I saw this building which stands perfectly in front of us, three parts connected as 180 degrees, so elegant and perfectly symmetrical; I looked at its colour, she says “See? This is the Air of Rome” Do not miss the cathedral and its magnificent ceiling you see in the picture!